Levi’s 501 Denim Shorts


Ex-Boyfriend Shirt


Benefit Eye Liner


Maxi Dress


Lace Dress



When it comes to fashion and beauty I tend to be guided by my favorite magazines, chatting with friends and sales clerks in my favorite shops or basically going with my gut instinct. This past weekend I had lunch with a lovely friend of mine. Her look is always effortless and this time she was wearing H&M harem pants. The first thing she commented on was how inexpensive they were. All I could think was how stylish they looked. In my favorite shop on island I overheard the manager telling her sales clerks to decide who would wear the “boho style outfit” to promote the new stock that day. I was already clutching a bohemian style dress (in the sales clerks size no less) and was heading for the change room. Whether it is a splurge of the moment purchase or a calculated buy from a previously compiled list, it is always our choice in the end. Here is my hot list for July (new monthly post) featuring looks I am loving and beauty products trending that I like. What’s on your hot list right now? Thank you so much for your comments!

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4 Responses to The Hot List

  1. Marie says:

    Great post; I love the styling of shorts and boots!

    LivRiot | Fashion & StreetStyle Blog
    LivRiot | Fashion & StreetStyle Blog

  2. lauren says:

    great choices!


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